Employee of the Month – October

Employee of the Month – October

Ok, we are now into our second month back of our EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH award. Maggie Jones was September’s winner, who is Octobers going to be?

It’s been a very busy month, with the introduction of lots of new clients and staff but despite our new talent, this month’s decision was fairly easy.

The winner of this month’s award has just returned to work after a short sabbatical, and they have come back with a bang, providing very much needed nurse cover in nursing homes. I am sure you are all aware that nursing homes are unfortunately closing at an alarming rate due to a shortage of nurses. This nurses work ethic I’m sure has been much appreciated in order to help to prevent this from continuing further.

Also, big brownie points for assisting more of our nurses to prepare to work in nursing homes, and also being back by demand in the half term Teenscheme which is run in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The winner of all the above is NURSE SHEENA TIPPLES ‘RGN’. Well done Sheena!

Thank you very much Sheena, here’s your £20 gift voucher to say thank you!